The Gospel Radio Information System

As you are aware, independent record companies and recording artists must service radio stations with their gospel recording projects.Air-play on radio stations plays a major role in exposing a project to the public, CD sales, and performance royalties.

However, as most independents have experienced, there is some key information you must have when attempting to get radio airplay. You must know the radio stations that play gospel music, and to whom at the station to send your recording project. You need to know the Program Director, Music Director,  On-air Personalities, Addresses and Phone numbers at a minimum. Email addresses and web site addresses will also be helpful in communicating with the station.  It is also important to have the ability to keep your information current. Radio station addresses, phone numbers, and on-air personalities change frequently. Sending out CD’s to wrong addresses
can be costly.

It takes a significant effort to service radio stations. To service a station you need to package your product professionally, inserting a CD and cover letter. You also need to address the package. Addressing packages and/or letters by hand can be very tedious, cumbersome, and time consuming,  particularly when you consider that you will need to send out several hundred CD’s for each product release to get national exposure and air-play.  In addition, to  follow-up with stations will require that you maintain records of stations serviced for tracking purposes.

You as an independent artist/record label can hire someone to do all of the above for you, or you have the option of doing it yourself.  Many independents attempt to do this themselves by referencing certain magazines  or web sites to obtain radio station information. However, often times the information is limited and/or not current. Even if current, it’s not available in a system where it can easily be used for mailing purposes. Also, to hire a servicing/tracking company
can often exceed the budget of independents.

To help independents, we developed the Christian Radio Information System. This system was specifically designed to assist independent record companies, recording artists, and magazine publishers with the task of servicing gospel radio stations with their products. As we are also an independent record label, we are familiar with all of the above tasks, and decided to develop this system to simplify the task, and reduce the cost of servicing radio stations.

Chrsitian Radio Information System Key Features:                  

  • Includes the Christian Radio Information database that contains information on over 1200 radio stations. This includes national, inter-national, and shortwave radio stations. Stations listed in most gospel magazines such as The Gospel Roundup are included in this database.

  • For each radio station, it provides the music format, station address, phone numbers, and on-air personalities. Some web site addresses, and email addresses are also provided. It also provides the ability to keep comments or notes on file for each station on file.

  • Enables the user to keep this information current by providing the ability to add new stations, or  to  change and delete information as necessary.

  • Identifies stations that are on the air 24 hours.

  • Provides the ability to maintain separate address and phone information on radio personalities, and their affiliation with GMWA or GMA.

  • Provides the ability to maintain on-air schedules for radio personalities, identifying what time of day announcers are on the air. This is helpful for follow-up tracking purposes.

  • Enables the user to generate reports detailing radio station information by Region (West Coast, East Coast, South, North), State, or City.

  • Includes a “Quick Search” function that enables a user to quickly retrieve information on a particular station.

  • Generates mailing labels in multiple sizes. As with reports, the user can select areas to generate mailing labels (Region, State, City, etc.).

  • Provides the ability to export all reports or labels generated into Microsoft Word, Excel, Lotus, and other file formats. This feature can help assist with follow-up tracking. For example, after exporting to another file format such as Excel, tracking information can be recorded in this file with the station serviced, and user designed Tracking Reports can be generated.

  • Automatically interfaces with your email system, enabling you to email all reports and labels generated.

All of these features for $198. Get your copy today! The Christian Radio Information System is designed to run on your desktop computer. It comes with an Installation CD and  User’s Manual.  It runs under the Windows Operating System (Windows 95 or greater).

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