We offer professional Christian Counseling utilizing viable and practical approaches which include Biblical principles. The truths of the Bible are insightfully profound.  The scriptures incorporate a plethora of wisdom and truths that many are not aware they exist.  Life today presents many day to day challenges. There is much focus in our culture in regards to the quest for success; yet many are still unhappy, unfulfilled and discontented. There are many broken individuals, couples and families. Anger, disappointments, despondency, conflict, and grief can at times become too overwhelming. Divorce, personal, family and marriage relationship difficulties are at an all time high. All of this makes one ask, “Is a reasonable degree of happiness, conflict resolution and enhanced relational and marital satisfaction really attainable?” Yes, it really is possible!

Our counseling methods are designed to enlighten, provoke thought, and encourage healthy alternative productive ways to live and resolve conflict. When you commence to care and commit to a healthier approach, you can move towards acquiring skills to resolve conflict and manage your anger. Love, hatred, desire, joy, sadness, anger, disgust, shame and admiration are all emotions that can be properly addressed. There are far too many band-aid methods that merely result in a temporary surface “quick fix”. Embracing wise principles, learning to be honest, transparent, and choosing to abandon dysfunctional behavior modes will result in a liberating repentance.  Once enlightened you will experience inner peace and newly acquired patience resulting in healthy confidence that is most beneficial when going through and living beyond any given circumstance.

It is our goal at Alpha 7 Ministries to sincerely strive to live life in a manner that is pleasing to God and encourage others to do so as well. There is absolutely nothing that goes on or will go on in life that God is not aware of.  Yet, God does not force His way upon you. We attempt to coach and help you discover a healthier pathway for life. Once we accept that each of us are uniquely different we can embark on a course that facilitates and helps one to become skilled at how to respect those differences, and ascertain ways to learn to  live and co exist together in a healthier way.

Please Email us at; counseling@alpha7ministries.com or if interested in our counseling services please contact us at 707 428-3334.