Telephone Counseling

Life is not always easy. Our counseling methods are designed to enlighten, provoke thought, and encourage healthy alternative productive ways to live and resolve conflict. There are times when we all need encouragement, someone to listen, and someone to talk with About our situation as well as support. We offer and provide Telephone Counseling where you Can choose your own comfortable safe environment to openly discuss whatever is bothering you.

We offer an initial introductory 15 minute Consultation to determine if telephone counseling is
suitable for you.Click here to fill out our free consultation form

Telephone counseling is an alternative that allows you to move toward reconciling your inner conflict. There is absolutely nothing that goes on or will go on in life that God is not aware of.
Yet, God does not force His way upon you. We attempt to coach and help you discover a healthier pathway for life. We utilize, subscribe to, and are committed to Biblically Based Counseling Methods and Principles. Our counseling services are convenient, affordable
and can be done on a short term basis.

$30 - 30 minute counseling session
$55 - 60 minute counseling session


Life Crisis

If you are faced with a crisis situation and need help immediately please use some of the resources below:

1-800-861- 6864

1- 800-799- 7233

SUICIDE  (Having suicidal thoughts)    
1-800-784- 2433

1-800- 656-4673